Why Wal-mart is the Last Stop Now Instead of the First

Wal-mart. Who doesn’t shop at Wal-mart? Heck, on our first visit to Porto Vallerta, Mexico, there was a Wal-mart across from the harbor.

When I first came to know of Wal-mart, it seemed like a good thing.  American made products were made available at affordable prices, and one could get many of things needed in one place without having to go to four or five different stores.  Then Sam Walton, the founder, died, and the reach and greed of Walmart grew.

Today, one is hard pressed to find American made items, and often other stores such as Dollar General are more affordable. The company has been accused of not being considerate of paying its employees a living wage. One of the newest news articles I have read is that in its greed, Wal-mart is now attempting to undermine and put out of business companies such as Dollar General and CVS.  I have a message for Wal-mart: I shop Dollar General first now; this store is getting the money I used to spend at Wal-mart.

Unfortunately, over the last 34 of the last 35 years, I have been one of those consumers who have continued to patron Wal-mart at the expense of smaller local stores, but as I have become more aware of inferior products produced in China and other countries at the detriment to the American manufacturing industry, I have shopped at Wal-mart less. As I have become more informed on food production and the poor quality of most foods found in grocery stores, much of which is being imported unnecessarily from places like China, my first choice for purchasing food is local farmers followed by stores that provide organic options from here in the U. S.

I’m not to the point of boycotting Wal-mart, but it my last stop rather than the first unless it is the only option in the geographic area in which I may be at the time.

I suggest that you re-think your shopping decisions.  After all, there is power in the way we spend our money.


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