“Shopping” in Our Closet

After moving last May, even though I had purged my closet twice (or was it three times) before moving, there was still too much stuff.  I made a mental promise to myself that things not worn within a year would be eradicated from the walk-in closet the HH and I share. Today, I kept that promise to myself, but I had added benefits beyond having more room in the closet.

Today, as I pulled out everything of mine from our closet to sort through those things to keep and those things to go, I found a few surprises. I was able to “shop” without spending a penny.

Even though I’ve only lost about 6 pounds over the last three or so months, I’ve lost inches – enough inches to begin making a difference.

My first surprise was that a pair of brand new pants still with tags on them purchased  last fall on clearance in hopes that soon I would be able to fit into them now fit!  Yay!  All I have to do is hem them since they were not petites, but what is one to do when there’s a chance to get a $3 pair of pants? It just so happens that I have the perfect top, purchased last summer, to wear with my closet “shopping” discovery.

Next, I found three pair of pants, enjoyed in the past but had been outgrown, that once again fit.  A few other pairs of pants once worn and enjoyed were, to my pleasure, too big for me now. 🙂

Finally, I discovered that a pair of khakis purchased a few years ago in hopes of losing enough weight to wear them, also still with tags on, now zips. It will not take too many more inches for the pants to truly fit, and then I can wear them with pride. You see, this was probably my most excited find of the day because the pants are three (3) sizes smaller than the largest size I got up to before beginning to lose weight and inches.

I may have fewer clothes in the closet, but after today’s “shopping” adventure, I actually have more to wear than I did before. An additional added benefit of purging the closet today is that I now feel inspired to continue on my slow but sure path toward better health since the improvements are literally seen in my clothes.

Have you ever gone “shopping” in your closet? Did you have some happy surprises when you did?


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