Life with a 50+-Year-Old “Kid” (Vol 6)


My husband and I enjoy playing together.  The kid in him brings out the kid in me, and I enjoy planning play times for us.  While spontaneity is fun, with busy schedules, sometimes planning time for fun is necessary.

Extensive travel has kept Jim on the road since mid February. Since he had spent four months on the bench, much too long for him, he was happy to be on the traveling work road with full vigor.  Now that we are settling into a more regular routine again, we are back into play times together.

Fired Up Mt. Juliet, TN

Fired Up
Mt. Juliet, TN

This past weekend was the first of an entire month of playful weekend adventures.

Jim and I went to the gym together, and then he and I went to a local small business named Fired Up to work in ceramics.  We each chose our project piece, and then the creativity began. Actually, the creativity began for Jim, as I knew it would.  He is an amazingly creative person.  While I struggled to determine the correct balance of colors on a soccer ball bank, he was designing a one-of-a-kind snack bowl. Over the next few weeks, we will return to work on our pieces, and I am sure that in the end Jim’s will be a masterpiece despite the fact that it is his first time to work in ceramics (and I had a year-long class in ceramics in high school). Look at the pictures of Jim working below.


Jim working on his ceramic bowl

Jim working on his ceramic bowl

Jim's Snack Bowl It says, "Insert Chocolate Here!"

Jim’s Snack Bowl
It says, “Insert Chocolate Here!”









Come back next week to read about our playing adventures for this coming weekend. 🙂






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