What Did I Do All Day?

Frustrating.  That is what it is when I finally have a chance to speak with the HH in the evenings when he is on the road and I try to tell him what I did all day.  It is not like he wants a report, but we each want to know about the other’s day.

I stay busy.  In fact, it is often that I wonder how on earth I worked full time, handled activities related to teenage children, and did most everything I do now.  Granted, some things were done hastily back then, and sometimes things only got half done.  I was younger then, and I didn’t get as much sleep.  Stress was a huge factor in my life.  Oh, yeah – that is one of the main reasons I needed time off from working full time; stress was impacting my health in a major way, but I digress.

Being frustrated at trying to relay to my husband last night what I had done yesterday prodded me to be more aware of the use of my time today. I did not keep a stop watch on myself by any means, but I was more aware. Each of my days are different, but here is a look at what I did all day today.

  • Got up, took dog out, listened to the news while checking email and Facebook
  • Fed the dog, took blood sugar reading; made breakfast, took medicine, and gave the dog his medicine
  • Showered, dressed, took the dog out again, and then spent about 2.5 hours reviewing and paying bills, filing bills, and doing one month of bank reconciliation (we somehow got three months behind)
  • Went to the post office to mail an “Easter care package” to our son-in-law who is deployed
  • Dressed for and took part in a 45-minute water aerobics class followed by hot tub, sauna, and changing again
  • Lunch
  • A much needed pedicure
  • Started a load of laundry, reconciled two more bank statements, investigated further a money-making opportunity, took the dog to the dog park and on a long walk, got the mail
  • Took a few minutes to stop and view, smell, feel, and listen to Spring
  • Made dinner while listening to the local news
  • Began writing this article as the national news came on TV

And what did I do yesterday – much of which I could not recall when talking to my hubby? I spent a good bit of time prepping Mother’s Day cards/gifts and birthday/gifts cards, did laundry, washed dishes, went to the grocery store, cooked a pot of homemade chicken tortilla soup, worked out on weights at the gym, cared for the dog, talked to my family, drove to Montgomery County to pick up grass-fed beef and free-range chickens, checked email and Facebook, watched The Voice, spoke to my husband, and more.

I’m less stressed, happy, enjoy getting to do more things for and spending more time with our family, am doing things I need to be doing for me to become healthier, and am able to be more frugal and make better financial choices.

For now, I’m enjoying being where I am and doing what I am doing.  What did I do all day?  I did exactly what I needed to be doing. How about you?





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