Thankful To Be Able To Let Plans Go When Life Dictates It So

Planning ahead.  It’s what I do. Usually, things work out well, but this weekend’s plans were derailed by a cold (hubby) and allergies (me).

My husband arrived home from working in New York about as expected, and I was dressed and ready for our dinner date. It became quickly apparent that the hubby was not up to par; he was sniffling and coughing.  In a way, I hoped it was allergies, but it did not take too many hours to know it was a cold – something I am praying I do not get from him since I’ve been battling allergies over the course of the last 24 hours.  Oak pollen gets me every time.

We did enjoy our evening at the Japanese restaurant, but the night was hard.  I was sleeping well until my husband came to bed.  From that point on, I felt the heat of his fever and heard his coughing and moaning inter-mingled with snoring.  Finally, about 2:30 a.m., I got up and found him some cold medicine and had him take it. It was not long until the only sound I heard from the bedroom was occasional snoring, but by then, it was too late for me to get any real sleep.  I was wide awake for several hours, only dozing as daylight slowly filled the living room.

After a brief work conference call, the hubby went to sleep on the couch and has pretty much slept on the couch all day; it is his way of dealing with being sick. No matter the cause, when he is sick, he sleeps until he is over whatever it is. Like most men, young and old, he is pretty helpless when sick, incapable of even getting up to get a drink, so you know who has waited on him today. 🙂

While he was sleeping, and as I sneezed and sniffled and rubbed itchy eyes, I gave up on our brunch at the FunkyGriddle and called to cancel our trail ride for tomorrow. Doubling my allergy medicine, I shopped, cooked, did dishes and laundry, and took care of the dog while the hubby continued sleeping off his cold. I hope with all my heart that he is back to his normal self tomorrow.

The only thing not cancelled of the things planned for the weekend is me proctoring the ACT test tomorrow morning. I must get up very early, so I may have to insist that he continue fighting off his illness with his sleep method on the couch, so I can get the sleep needed to be productive tomorrow.

It’s not the weekend we’d planned, but I am very thankful that my husband was able to come home and recuperate in the way he needs to allow his body to heal. While I have not felt well either, I’ve been able to do what needs to be done, so he can be ready to hit the road again once he is better on Sunday. For myself, I hope allergy meds will keep me in check, so testing goes off without a hitch tomorrow.

Life can’t be all chocolate and giggles. Sometimes you just have to be thankful to be able to let your plans go when life dictates that it be so.


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