Chills All Over Me

Chills, but not the good kind, are all over me.

The HH came home from New York this past Thursday night with an unwanted stowaway – a viral “Yankee” bug. He was coughing and sneezing and began running a fever during the night. I knew immediately I was going to be in trouble, but it was not until Sunday that the truth of this knowledge became apparent. Isolating cold symptoms from the allergy symptoms I already had was difficult, but I knew there was more to my symptoms than the effects of oak pollen.

It just happened that I had a follow-up appointment scheduled with my primary care doctor for Monday morning, and he confirmed what I already knew: I had a viral cold on top of my spring pollen allergies. Of course, with viral infections, only the symptoms can be treated; antibiotics do not help. I told my doctor that my husband brought me a “Yankee” virus to which I had no defense.  In fact, this is the first cold/respiratory infection I have had in almost two years. Dr. Y said that I should consider it a good thing as it will eventually help strengthen my immune system.

That thought does not sooth me as I deal with the symptoms of my “Yankee” virus. All day long, I have been cold, just like the HH had been over the weekend. It is 70 degrees in the apartment, and I’m bundled up from head to toe with a blanket. The drainage running through my system has developed into another fun issue with which I must deal, also. I’ve coughed so much and so hard that my ribs are sore, and you don’t want to know what happens when I sneeze, especially since I sneeze hard and frequently. Not only have I felt awful,  but I also had to put my exercise routine on hold. Additionally, I’ve had to cancel my work appointments for the early part of the week at the very least. This stinks!

What do you think? In modern society, where many of us travel all over the country and the world, do you think it is a good thing to be exposed periodically to viruses from other geographical regions? Dr. Y may be correct, but from my current viewpoint, I’d rather have been ignorant of this “Yankee” cold virus.


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