Re-think Meat Choices

Read about it here; meat prices are up due to several factors. Many people are cutting back on meat consumption due to the increase in the cost of meat. Why not take this opportunity to choose to cut your meat consumption as a lifestyle change that will be better for your budget, health, environment, and farm animals?

I’m not a vegetarian, although I spent about two years eating vegetarian.  I grew up on a family farm where we raised most of what we ate; we raised our own animals to provide beef, pork, and for a time, poultry. Why, then, you may wonder, do I suggest that you consider reducing meat consumption.

First is the obvious; meat is more expensive than most other foods for which one might shop to feed his or her family. It costs more to produce meat and get it to supermarkets.  Next, there is a reasonable amount of evidence to show that a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and grains is needed for health, and meat is needed in small amounts, if at all. Additionally, raising large amounts of animals for human consumption is more detrimental to the environment than raising plant-based foods for human consumption. You can read about this here. Finally, current-day farming is not what it was on our family farm. Animals are abused and mistreated in factory farms. This is something about which I did not know for a long time. I ignorantly assumed that all the meat and poultry in the supermarkets came from farms like the one on which I grew up but were run on a larger scale.  It is nothing like that.  If you want to learn more about factory farms, click here. Please be aware photos may be graphic.

Use the current rise in meat prices to guide you and your family into eating less meat; you will save money while doing good for your health and the environment. When you do eat meat, support local farmers, like Tennessee Grass Fed Farm here in Middle Tennessee, who raise their animals humanely and do not inject them with growth hormones or needless antibiotics.  A dietician told me recently that this meat is better for us – better for our health.  Mr. Baggett’s prices, which include taxes, make his ground beef more affordable that the stuff sold in grocery stores and labeled organic that are still most likely from a factory beef farm much farther away than Tennessee Grass Fed Farm. When you do, not only will you know more about where your food comes from when you buy from local farmers, but you also help farm animals have quality of life and ensure that small farmers are able to earn a living.

Think about it. Research it for yourself. Make the change.





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