Grocery Store Etiquette

More than once I have had what happened to me today occur, and I find it to be extremely rude – a breach of grocery store etiquette, if you will.

Having picked up all of the items needed, I head to the shortest check-out line.  The cashier has just completed a transaction when I reach the belt on which items are placed to check out.  I begin emptying my cart. I don’t have too many items, but some of the items are large. A woman with a hand basket comes up behind me, snatches the bar divider, places it down with her basket along beside it on the belt, and completely unloads her basket, leaving the basket on the belt. At just this moment, the cashier  pushes the button that makes the belt move forward. I’m left with six to eight inches on which I am to completely empty my cart, and each time the cashier pushes the button to move the belt, I have less. The self-absorbed woman not only sees and ignores the fact that she has usurped all of the belt space before I can empty my cart, she ignores the fact and turns to continue shopping at the candy display.


Have I ever been the one who began putting my items on the belt only to find that the person in front of me lacks enough space due to the belt being moved forward?  Yes.  What did I do? I did the polite thing; I pulled my items back and held them until the person ahead of me was able to finish putting all of his or her items out.

I have learned that is the exception rather than the rule in this “take care of me only” mindset of our society.

The practice of appropriate etiquette in supermarkets and other stores these days is like the practice of manners in much of our society: greatly lacking.

I’ve decided the next time this happens, and it will, I am going to stop unloading my cart, or buggy as it is called in the South, and nicely ask the offending person behind me to please move his or her items back until I can finish emptying my cart. I may not win any popularity contests, but I may be able to educate someone on how to have better manners.

Have you ever had an experience like this? Do you consider such as being rude or do you not see a problem with the behavior?


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