Happy Earth Day!

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Earth Day is here again, and it means more to me now than ever before. If I could twitch my nose or snap my fingers and restore the balance to nature that humans have taken from it, I would. As it is, my hope and prayer is for us two-legged mammals to actually think beyond ourselves to make better choices and begin to right the wrongs we have done and reverse the effects of poor decisions made.

Most of my school-age years were through the 1970s, and since the first Earth Day was in 1970, my earliest memories of Earth Day are selfish ones. Our school allowed students a day out of classes to go out in our community and pick up trash on Earth Day, so for me, it was a field trip of sorts that got us out of stuffy classrooms.  If we were educated about why we were participating in the annual “trash pick up,” I don’t remember it, so either we were not or the person(s) responsible for educating us did poorly. Oh, to know then what I know now; might life might have taken a different direction.

The more I learn about how we as humans are killing this planet and ourselves, though many don’t realize it, the more I yearn to make a difference for the  better, but the needs are so great and the resources so limited.

My husband jokingly calls all the mail we receive requesting assistance for a plethora of environmental and wildlife/animal protection groups, most of which I have made contributions over time, our “Angela saves the world” mail.  If only it were that easy.

We all need to become more educated about what is happening in our world, and we need to think about the decisions we make each day and how it will impact the people, the animals, and the environment around us.  We are stewards of this world and should be caring for it for future generations.  If not, in the future there may be no world or at least not one we would want for our future family.

Live consciously! Save the earth, its animals, and humanity.



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