Stray Boots: A Fun Tour of Downtown “Music City”

If you read this blog, you know that I am a big fan of Groupon, Living Social and such sites, especially when looking for fun things to do with the HH. The past weekend, we used a high-tech scavenger hunt to get us out and about around town, which I purchased at a discount through Groupon.

Mural of Nashville in Nashville

Mural of Nashville in Nashville

Saturday was the perfect day weather wise to do the tour, so with our smart phones in hand, we drove the indicated starting point (or close to it) and found a parking spot. Since I drive an eco-friendly car, I was able to get a “free parking” pass for metered spots when I registered my car this year, so we parked, hung up the parking pass on the rearview mirror, and began the adventure.

Jim in front of Wild Horse Saloon on 2nd Avenue

Wild Horse Saloon

It was an interesting morning, and believe it or not, we learned quite a bit about Nashville that we did not already know and had immense fun while doing so. For example, Tootsie’s opens at 9:30 a.m., and the venue has three levels with live music on all levels all the time they are open. All of the walking gave us the exercise we needed without even realizing it. Since I was the “head” of our team simply because I set it up, I had to submit the answers and make the pictures, but here are a few shots from the day.

Here are pictures of my husband in front of several of the places we visited on the route. I will not spoil it for someone else, but there is an interesting challenge after the Wild Horse stop that folks who like to sing in the shower may enjoy. 🙂

upload_1 upload_2








I HIGHLY recommend that you go to to check it out as I think they have tours in about 180 cities world wide.



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2 responses to “Stray Boots: A Fun Tour of Downtown “Music City”

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  2. I love Nashville. It is a great city! Makes me miss Tennessee now! =\

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