A Matter of Perspective and Attitude

Have you heard the old adage that trouble comes in threes? I’m sure that most of the time this is meant to apply to really bad things; however, for the last 24 hours, I’ve experienced some “trouble.”  Not terrible things – just frustrating things with which I must deal.

After a lovely visit with my husband’s side of the family, both before and after attending our youngest child’s college graduation, we headed back from Illinois to Tennessee. We had not much more than arrived back in Nashville when problems starting rearing their ugly heads.

First, I spoke with my brother between picking up the dog at his dog sitter and actually arriving at our home. Apparently, my mom had experienced some concerns while we were away, and she called my brother, who lives across the street from us, to vent.  She told him that she wanted me to help her address her issues instead of asking him, who was here in the state, to help her. Her problems were things that he could address as well as I.  Evidently, it was taking all of the self-control she possessed not to call us while we were in Illinois visiting family and attending the graduation ceremonies. Hearing this immediately translated into I have a headache coming and perhaps an unplanned road trip. After a bit, knowing that nothing was life-threatening, I put the worry and concerns aside.  I told my husband that I was going to be like Scarlet O’Hara and “think about that tomorrow.”

Next, when the HH and I got home, it became immediately apparent that our television and Internet provider (at least for now), Comcast, was down. We had things that needed to be done after being away most of Friday and Saturday.  I was smugly pleased with myself that my blood pressure had not gone off the charts, and after calling Comcast, I was calmly waiting for the promised return of service around 6:00 p.m. CDT. Little did I know that this was only the start of electronic issues.

Slightly after the time indicated, television service was restored.  I picked up my laptop to work, and I had not connection.  To my dismay, our secure network sign on was no where to be seen on my computer or my husbands.  I don’t know if the outage had anything to do with it or if it was coincidence, but the timing was eerily strange. To make this long story a bit shorter, in the process of trying to troubleshoot, we discovered that our desk top PC, which had been turned off while we were away, was dead.  Once again, I chose to return to calm and decided to deal with that “tomorrow” since we had access through an unsecure network.

By this time, I was expecting number three to appear, and I was not disappointed.  My husband took the dog for a walk and picked up the mail we had missed on Friday and Saturday. In the mail was a letter addressed to me from a collection agency of sorts.  According to the letter, an electronic payment had not been paid to Wal-mart Store # 2213 —- are you ready for this?—- on October 31, 2012.  Yes, over a year and a half ago! Really?  If so, why is this the first I have heard about a problem.  This made me more livid than anything else. My husband actually became frustrated with me as I emphatically outlined orally for him all the reasons why this could not be our issue.  It was then that I once again had to make a mental choice to chill out and quit being frustrated and worried.  I’d deal with it factually later and then forget about it.

When I spoke with my mother this afternoon, all was not as dire as expected.  To say “I spoke with her” may be an exaggeration; I mainly listened for almost 40 minutes.  Mom vented and vented and vented, and I kept calm and allowed her to do so.  As she talked, I learned that almost all of her issues had been rectified, were soon to be rectified, or beyond my control but within her control if she made a few phone calls. That problem was past.

Since our wireless router was set up using the desktop as the “home” computer, that explained why we were having issues.  By lunch today, the dead body of the desk top PC was removed, and I managed to re-establish our secure wireless network using my laptop as the “home” computer. My husband was elated because he could actually use our fairly new wireless (and only wireless) printer to get things ready to submit his huge expense report. I sit here typing from the comfort of my recliner because I can do so with re-established wireless activity.

As for the letter stating I owe Wal-mart money, I’ve written and printed my response to mail.  When I researched the location of the store, I found that it is located in St. Louis, Missouri – not exactly close enough for an afternoon shopping jaunt. I reviewed my calendar for the time in which I was to have committed the “crime” and found that my appointments put me hundreds of miles away from St. Louis the week before and the week of the infraction. Looking at my online order activity from Wal-mart, nothing was ordered during the entire second half of 2012.  Clearly, this is not my payment that failed to be honored electronically.  I will submit my dispute by USPS mail, and if it comes up again, I will hand it over to our lawyers because I choose not to be distressed by such.

As my dear hubby and I discussed before he left today, it is not so much what happens but how we respond to what happens; it is a matter of perspective and attitude.  I, for one, need to work on a more appropriate and peaceful response, especially since I cannot control everything, as much as I my hope to do so.

Keep Calm and Carry On! 🙂



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