My Second Week of CSA Produce from Eaton’s Creek Organics Farm

Today was my second CSA pick up for the half-share CSA with Eaton’s Creek Organics, and as with my first, I’m thrilled.

Pick up is at the Country Crossroads Farmers Market located at the intersection of Whites Creek Pike and Old Hickory Boulevard, Whites Creek, Tennessee (northwest Metro-Nashville). Here is a photo made today of the smiling faces of those working the market from the farm.

Eaton's Creek Organics Farmers' Market Booth

Eaton’s Creek Organics Farmers’ Market Booth

The email preview of what was expected to be in today’s CSA listed the following: beets, chard, fennel, kale, garlic scapes, lettuce, carrots and mint. This is what I received with two exceptions.  Instead of mint, I received some absolutely gorgeous parsley. I was excited to also find a vegetable I’ve never cooked (or eaten) before: kohlrabi.

Here is a picture of my basket of fresh (harvested this morning), local, organic produce after I set it in my (hot) car.  (I got the air going ASAP). I really get a lot of food.  I weighed this basket of produce after I got home, and after deducting the weight of the container, I had almost 10 pounds of fresh goodness.

My week 2  (half share) of CSA produce from Eaton's Creek Organics

My week 2 (half share) of CSA produce from Eaton’s Creek Organics

In addition to Eaton’s Creek Organics, there are some other lovely vendors at this small market.  One is an old friend from the Clarksville, Tennessee, market: Louise’s Bread. I’ve met a new friend from whom I have bought local honey today; his farm is Hayzyhaven Farm in Greenbrier, Tennessee.  With approximately 60% of the hives in Tennessee lost in the last several months, I am thrilled to find local honey at this market.

Hayzyhaven Farm Honey

Hayzyhaven Farm Honey


I encourage you to get out at your local farmers’ markets and get to know your local farmers and other vendors. Remember that when you buy from these people you support local people and farms, and you eat my healthily, too.


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