Happily Framed

On our cruise last June, my husband and I purchased several pieces of art for investment purposes, and we also won a free piece of art. All together, we ended up with 10 prints to frame. If you have not had anything professionally framed lately, it can be very expensive. Park West, the art vendor, offered to frame each piece for $349 each, but we hoped to find more affordable options that would also give us more control over the choice of materials.

We began getting our worked framed at the beginning of this year. Using three vouchers from a discount site similar to Groupon, we took our first three pieces to a business in Franklin. The work was well done, and I can’t say we were truly disappointed in the price for framing each piece; it was acceptable based on our expectations.

Then, I purchased a Groupon for $100 worth of framing for $40 good at the Plaza Artist Materials on Middleton in Downtown Nashville. In early March, I took our “free” print there for framing, and I was extremely impressed with the work and the price. The piece, which was about the same size as the three framed in Franklin, was framed just as well for half the price of any one of the others.

Feeling comfortable with the work, my husband and I took three pieces of art to be framed.  The work was completed in half the time estimated, and the quality of the framing was as good as before.  All three pieces were framed for $368 using acid free backing and UV protected glass! Below is a picture of my husband and the three pieces as we picked them up.

Photo by Angela Johnson

Photo by Angela Johnson

Quality, Value, and Friendly Staff: I highly recommend Plaza Artist Materials for framing and other art needs.


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