We Never Saw It Coming

About two months ago, the HH and I returned from our big American Road Trip, and I expected to have written many posts sharing the travel experience and stories about what we saw and did by now. Instead, I’ve written nothing. Before we could get through all of our mail, buy groceries to fill our empty frig, get the dog settled back home, and more or less once again return to a regular routine, we got blindsided with unexpected news. The HH was furloughed from his job with a company for which he had worked for ten years without any hint that such was going to happen; just under four weeks later, he was officially laid off.

Needless to say, when we received “the call” at dinner the Friday night after our return from vacation, long after business hours, we knew it was something we did not want to hear. Instead of taking the call then, my husband told his boss that he’d call back after we had finished dinner. Of course, a sense of dread stayed with us as we finished our meal and headed home. It was as bad as we thought, and actually, worse.

Knowing that he’d receive only one more paycheck, not even a full one since we had just used almost all of his PTO, was only helped by the fact that we’d have medical insurance for another four weeks (it turned out to be a day or two shy of four weeks). Instinctively, we new that at the end of the four weeks, there’d be no severance package. We had to “circle the wagons” in preparation of the battle of unemployment. Except for my tutoring and the little bit of weekly unemployment the HH would receive (even the max payout in Tennessee is very small), we would have no income for who knows how long.

As of this writing, despite both of us applying for jobs, neither one of us are working save for my tutoring jobs.  By the time the shoe dropped, it was almost time for school to begin, so I knew that applying for teaching positions was a very long shot; all positions would be filled or in the process of being filled. Finding a job in the HH’s field at or near his most recent rate of pay is not easy.

Despite all of this, we have been making it pretty well, and I have to believe that whatever comes to pass for us as a result of this surprise event in our lives will be for the best.


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