Hello, World!

The nest is empty, and both my husband and I are over 50.  We want to live life fully. While the HH is still very content in his career, I’m in a state of flux.  After years in the classroom, I’m ready to try some new things.

My life has been lived in chapters that go something like this:

Chapter 1 – Growing Up Happy on the Family Farm

Chapter 2 – Married with Kids and Mostly a Stay-at-Home Mom

Chapter 3 – Divorced and Working a Variety of Jobs

Chapter 4 – Back to School (as student and teacher)

Chapter 5 – Married Again with Older Kids and Teaching

Chapter 6 – Downsized and with an Empty Nest (this is the chapter that is being written now)

This blog is to be an account of my new journey as I live and love life after 50! You may learn about our six children, seven grandchildren, our dog, our granddogs and grandcat, our travels, and/or the joys, struggles, and challenges of life after 50. Come along for the ride, or hop on board and become a part of the journey.


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