Weight-Loss Journey

April 16, 2014

It has been six weeks since I’ve updated our weight-loss journey.  Despite being back on the road for work, the HH is doing extremely well.  As of this past weekend, he’s lost 16 pounds since this journey began, and that is without any real exercise.  I’m hoping that soon he will find a way to add exercise.

As for me, I had gone to the gym, which I joined in the latter part of March, religiously 5 days out of 7 until this past Friday.  My husband brought home a nasty cold virus from New York, and he shared with me, unfortunately. As a result, following doctor’s orders, I’ve not exercised all week.  I miss it. If all goes well, I may be able to go back to water aerobics this Friday. I’ve only lost 8 pounds, but I can’t complain. The weight packed on slowly over years, so if it comes over slowly, at least it is coming off.  I’m losing inches, and this is proven by the way my clothes fit, or don’t fit, or fit once more.  I was able to go shopping in our closet as a result of lost inches.

The war against excess weight continues, but we celebrate the battles against bulges that are won.

March 3, 2014

Wow! Has it been three weeks since I updated this?  I guess so. On February 13th, as I walked in the door from a visit to Vandy Medical Weight Loss, my husband told me some exciting news.  He would be leaving the following Monday to work in Hawaii for a month. With permission to go also, I hurried to clear my schedule, so I could go for a week or so. It was fantastic!  Since he was in a house, we tried to get things set up so that most of eating could be done at his home away from home, and I searched for the best shopping options for him.  Luckily, fresh and organic foods are relatively easy to find in Hawaii.

Before leaving for Hawaii, Jim was down 12 pounds; I was down 5 pounds.  Since he has been unable to weigh, I’m not sure how he is doing weight wise, but I know he is trying to stay on course.  I went to Vandy Medical Weight Loss this past Friday, and I know I was retaining water weight from traveling.  Heck, I still had a bad case of jet lag.  Even with this, I only showed a 1 pound weight gain, so I am hoping that the truth is that I’d maintained.

While I’m not going down much, it is a learning experience, and I’m not gaining much if anything when we travel.

February 9, 2014

The HH is doing a phenomenal job; he’s lost just over 11 pounds.  I, on the other hand, am still where I was two weeks ago.  I’m sure I gained weight last weekend while visiting with family in Savannah, so to weigh in yesterday at about where I was two weeks ago was better than seeing a gain.  Still, I have to up my weight loss game if I am going to get going in the correct direction again.

February 2, 2014

Yes, I am three days late writing this update. I’ve been doing the update on Thursday, but we’ve been so busy, I’d let posting slide.  Perhaps I will change the update to this to Sundays from now on as it makes more sense due to us weighing on Saturday mornings – except yesterday, that is.

We had several appointments and then an event Thursday night. After a 2 1/2 hour nap, I was up and loading the car.  The HH and I, along with the dog, were on our way to visit our youngest son and his wife in Savannah, Georgia.  Since we arrived around lunch time on Friday, we have been going none stop.  Not having our weigh-in scales here, we have not weighed this weekend.

Last Saturday was a great weigh in for the hubby.  He reached the 10-pound loss milestone.  I, on the other hand, seemed to hit a plateau.  I’m not sure how this long-weekend trip is going to work for us. We’ve not eaten according to plan, but we have walked and walked and walked.  Once home, time will tell, and then I’ll tell you.

January 23, 2014

My husband and I continue to have weight loss each week.  He lost about three pounds last week, and I was down about a pound and a half.  I do believe men lose weight much faster than women. It is just not fair!

Yesterday, I saw the doctor at Vanderbilt Medical Weight Loss, and he told me something that really surprised me.  I’ve had my waist measured each time I have been to the clinic, but no one ever told me the measurement.  The doctor told me that I have lost two inches around my waist in just one month, and he said that inches lost around the waist mean more than pounds lost in terms of better health.  That was a welcome surprise.

January 16, 2014

This week I visited the exercise guru at Vanderbilt Medical Weight Loss, and I actually learned a couple of things that I did not know.  My husband will have his on personal consulting meeting with Mike in a week or two.  Before I got the skinny (pun intended) on exercise for health and weight loss, I weighed in.  Between my January 3rd I-went-to-Florida-and-gained-weight weigh in and January 15, I had loss 3.5 lbs.  That means that I loss the two pounds I gained while traveling plus a pound and a half.  Though small, it is progress in the correct direction this time.

To have accurate at home weigh-ins, my husband and I ordered a new electronic scale.  When I returned home from the weight loss clinic, wearing exactly what I had on when I weighed at the clinic, I weighed at home with the new scale.  Yay! The new scale weighs EXACTLY with the doctor’s scale.  This means that when my husband and I weigh at home, we can feel good about the fact that our weight is accurate.  If you want to check out the scale we purchased, it can be found HERE. The list price is $59.95, and Amazon has it on sale at the time of this writing for $25.00.

As noted in a earlier post, the HH and I have once again begun enjoying geocaching for exercise and adventure. We’ve geocached three of four days in the last week. One of the things Mike told me that I did not know is that after one sits for an hour, the persons metabolic rate begins to decline at a rate of 1 calorie per minute.  Yikes!  No wonder a sedentary lifestyle is so self-destructive. With that said, I have sat here working using my laptop for two hours!  How time flies when one is busy.  I need to get my butt up off the chair and moving, so I think it is time to get a little exercise doing some household chores.

Until next time, have a blessed and happy day,


January 9, 2014

I’ve been hesitant to post about this even though it is a huge part of my attempt to regain health after 50. As I sit here in the quiet and ponder why, the answer is simple: fear of failure. It is my hope that in writing about this journey that I will find strength and motivation for myself, but I also hope that someone somewhere will read this and find his or her own inspiration and strength; thus, it is my intent to write weekly about my (our) weight loss journey.

The HH and me just before our weight loss journey begins

On December 20, 2013, my husband and I made our first visit to Vanderbilt Medical Weight Loss.  Yes, you are correct – the timing was terrible with the holidays all but upon us, but it was the first appointments we could get for new patients even though we called several months earlier. I wasn’t told much that I didn’t already know. It is being held accountable while also being monitored for medical issues that I hope will make it worth while.

The HH and I decided to have a weekly weigh in and our own private Biggest Loser contest, so despite the fact that we had enjoyed food freely during the Christmas gatherings the week after our adventure began, he and I weighed the Saturday following.  We were shocked.  My husband had lost 6 lbs., and I had lost 3 lbs.  Of course, we both realize that most of that was probably water loss, but it was still surprising.

Then, he and I decided to take a spur-of-the-moment trip to Florida. While the trip might have been very affordable money-wise and a great deal of fun, it was very costly weight-loss-wise.  After this trip, where we ate out for four days, we weighed on Saturday morning following. Even though we really tried to make good (or better) food choices, he and I had both gained 2 lbs. Drats!

With the terrible cold weather this week and being more or less homebound to avoid the cold, I have been so very hungry.  It is 48 hours until our weekly weigh-in, and I have no idea if I will lose anything or not.  It is hard enough to try to stay between 1,400 and 1,600 calories a day. Wanting comfort food that is agreeable in cold weather does not fit in the calorie range I need foods to be inside, so this made it even harder.  Additionally, very little exercise happened as even the time walking the dog was greatly reduced this past week due to the weather.

The doctor wants me to have 40 grams of protein at each meal while staying under 1,600 calories per day.  Do you have any idea how difficult this can be?  I’m in need of some good ideas, so I guess I just need to put my mind to it, research, and, to quote Captain Kirk, “Make it so!”


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