Planning for Retirement

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The HH and I may just be slightly into our 5th decade, but we are looking forward toward retirement.  Each time we travel, the thought “Could this be a good place for us to retire?” is in our minds.  Of course, I have a dream of having a mini farm that is as self-sufficient as possible using green technologies.  The thing is that Jim and I seem to always be drawn to Great Britain, in particular, Scotland.

View of Wallace Memorial from Sterling Castle, Scotland by Angela Johnson

Wallace Memorial from Sterling Castle, Scotland

St. Andrews, Scotland by Angela Johnson

St. Andrews, Scotland by Angela Johnson

If we choose to retire somewhere other than the U. S., from a financial stand point, it would be much more cost effective to go somewhere like Belize.  We actually checked this out a couple of years back when we made a trip there.  While we really enjoyed Belize and other places we have gone so far, the only place that seems to continue to call to us is Scotland.

Daughter with Tour Guide at Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Daughter with Tour Guide at Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

I don’t know where we will retire or when we will retire; there is so much in the future that could change whatever plans we might even think we have.  The HH and I are still a long way from reaching our financial goals for retirement, but we at least have goals in sight and are making progress.

Have you started retirement planning?  Do you have any thoughts of advice?

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4 responses to “Planning for Retirement

  1. We have started thinking about retirement as well, although we are only 47 right now. We both have our own businesses and could probably work another 15 years, but we think about retirement location all the time. We live in Southern California, and can’t imagine living anywhere else in the US right now. That’s the dilemma right now. Thanks for you blog. My blog covers mid life, empty nest, life in general stuff. Check it out sometime.

    • I think it is awesome that both you and your husband have your own businesses. That shows that both of you have pioneering spirits and “get it done” attitudes. I’m sure you will figure out what is right for the two of you when the time to retire does arrive.

      BTW, I did pop over to your blog, and I’ll go back again.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Yes, hubby and I have been in recent discussions because he wants to retire next year. I still have a few more years to work as I am only 51 but he too wanted to retire in Belize.

    • If one can stand the heat and humidity, it really is a nice place. We loved it – as long as we could collapse under a fan in the shade frequently. My husband and I went so far as to look at property, and there was a 57-acre goat farm with a house that had part of itwith air conditioning that did tempt us, but the timing was wrong. Had it been two years later, who knows. One can certainly live well in Belize with much less money than is required here in the U. S. I love the fact that so much of the country is protected environment and wildlife.

      Good luck with figuring out what works for you!

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